The Path to Getting Your Driver’s License: The Step-by-Step Course

Have you ever taken a step back and thought about what goes in to getting a driver’s license in this day and age? Check out our first blog that breaks down how to start the journey through the graduated license program.

Stage 1: Getting The Driver's Permit

The first step for any new driver is acquiring a Driver's Permit. Is your teen ready for the roads ahead?

Stage 2: Gaining Experience Behind the Wheel (Supervised Driving)

Your new driver has their permit, now it's time to practice, practice, practice. Most states mandate a minimum number of supervised hours behind the wheel.

Stage 3: Passing the Driving Test

Think your new driver is ready? The final stage for a new driver is passing the driving component of the driver's license exam.

Stage 4: On Their Own

It's not easy the first time your new driver heads out on their own, but if you've taken the proper steps you've given them the best chance for success and safety. MOTOsafety is the perfect tool for giving you some ease of mind.