Teen Tracking Devices - Simple and Powerful

Easy to install, easy to use. Give your loved ones the freedom they want to be on the road. Give yourself peace of mind.

Vehicle Tracking Devices

Plug-in GPS Tracker

(OBD Port)

Ideal for vehicles manufactured after 1996.

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Wire-in GPS Tracker

(No OBD Port)

Locked-in stability for a more permanent tracking solution.

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Multipurpose Tracking Device

Mini GPS Tracker

3 inches long, 3.4 ounces, and rechargeable - this is our most versatile GPS tracking option.

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Monitor and Coach Your Teen Driver in Real Time

Always know where your teen is, when they arrive and easily review their driving history.

Mother and daughter review driver safety card
  • Plugs into the OBDII port under your dash.
  • Web-based parental dash provides driver's report card.
  • View location, history, speeding & more on Google Maps.
  • Native apps for iOS and Android let you monitor from anywhere.
  • No contracts, just $25/month.

Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

MOTOsafety mobile app
  • Monitor your teen even when you're not in front of your computer
  • Get instant locations and review driving history
  • Drill down to the street level for greater detail
  • Receive alert summaries either immediately, hourly or daily
  • Receive mobile app notifications
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Please Note: You will need an active MOTOsafety device and account to use the application.