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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions about the MOTOsafety Safe Driving Coach.
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The MOTOsafety GPS tracking device tracks a vehicle once every minute while the car is on. The device tracks once an hour when the vehicle is off.

A one year manufacturer's defect warranty applies to the MOTOsafety device.
MOTOsafety GPS tracking is currently active in the United States, Canada, and Australia.
The MOTOsafety antenna is located inside the device. It requires no additional parts or installation beyond plugging the device into the OBDII port under your dashboard.
Power for the device is supplied from your vehicle through the OBDII port.
When a device is unplugged or unwired, it is receiving no power so it is impossible for the unit to send an alert. However, you will stop seeing any tracking data for a device that has been unplugged or unwired. You can, however, receive an alert when a device is reconnected. This provides a good system for monitoring disconnected devices.
No. The device has a built in cellular SIM card and the service is included in the price of monthly MOTOsafety fee.
MOTOsafety GPS vehicle tracking is accurate to within 5 meters or 16 feet of the tracked vehicle.
We encourage parents to speak directly with their teen about your use of the MOTOsafety device. We believe an open dialogue will encourage a positive exchange on driving safely. We’ve also seen examples where teens drive safer simply by virtue of their awareness that the device is installed and active. One of the key values of the MOTOsafety solution is the ability to sit down with your teen and review their driving activity and the score they receive on the MOTOsafety Report Card.
MOTOsafety is GPS tracking a vehicle, cell phone GPS tracks the phone. Where the cell phone goes, so goes the GPS tracking information, which doesn't necessarily have any bearing over the location of your vehicle. When MOTOsafety is connected to your vehicle it receives a reliable source of power. Cell phones with GPS have a tremendous drain on the cell phone battery. If the battery is dead, the cell phone user simply turns off the phone or disables the GPS function, you will not receive any GPS data.
The MOTOsafety GPS vehicle tracking device is easy to install on all automobiles and light and medium duty trucks manufactured after 1996. The unit installs in the required OBDII port located under the dashboard and within two feet of the steering wheel.
Play this video to see the fast and simple installation of the MOTOsafety plug device.
The algorithm used to determine an acceleration / deceleration alert is based on the change in velocity. An increase in velocity of greater than 8.5 mph/sec will trigger an acceleration alert. Likewise, a reduction in velocity greater than 6.5 mph/sec will trigger a braking alert.
Extremely safe. We do not sell your data—even non-identifying data—to any third party companies. Our business model does not rely on the sale of valuable location data in any way. Read more about how our competitors handle your data.