Lower Insurance Costs For Your Most Expensive Drivers

Insurance companies love GPS: safer driving behavior, fewer accidents, reduced theft, and proper maintenance. MOTOsafety can mean big savings.

save money on teen auto insurance

Teen auto insurance rates are


*Source: nerdwallet.com

how much more is a teen's auto insurance

Do auto insurance rates for teen drivers scare you?

Insurance providers know that 89% of teen drivers will have an automobile accident and this is reflected in their insurance rates. MOTOsafety has helped many customers negotiate insurance discounts by proving good driving history with a GPS tracking device. Insurance companies are happy to work with young drivers who can show that they are making an effort to learn good driving habits and are willing to give the carrier access to their driving history. Take a look at what our current customers are saying.

teenager car insurance ratesSource: nerdwallet.com

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