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By Jana Rhodes / Posted July 1, 2015

How are your teen's driving skills?

Getting your teen ready for the driving test can be harder than you anticipated. While the written exam was in the familiar format of a book test, the driving test covers skills and awareness. Your own driving habits are so internalized that it is easy to overlook important lessons that you should discuss and practice with your learning driver. Even if your teen is ready to have a drivers permit, you might find yourself questioning if you have covered enough to take the next step.

We have put together a list of some of the most common skills tested during a driver’s test to help you get started. You should also consult your state’s website for any materials and checklists that your DMV provides.

The driving test will usually consist of a pre-drive checklist followed by a test of your teen’s driving skills on the road. Our list includes practice points for both parts of the test. You should get your teen in the habit of working through the pre-drive checklist before each practice session so that it will feel natural on the day of the test.

Finally, remember to explain your thought process and actions to your teen as you are driving. Your young driver can learn a lot about road awareness by watching your own reasoning in different situations. If you take time to explain and practice all of these skills until your teen is comfortable with them, you can feel confident to schedule a driver’s test.

Download the Driving Skills Checklist

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