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MOTOsafety - Key Features

Simple Device - Installs in Seconds

  • Plugs into the OBDII port under the dash
  • Is not much bigger than a car key

Click here to view an installation video for the MOTOsafety GPS Teen Tracking device.

Daily Driver's Report Card

  • System rates and scores your teen’s driving activity
  • A daily report card is sent out via email each day
  • The report summarizes unsafe activity including speeding, harsh braking and rapid starts
  • Report card lets you track progress over time

Click here to view a video for the MOTOsafety teen tracking Report Card.

Track and Monitor Safe Driving Behaviors

  • System tracks speed and alerts you when your teen exceeds speed thresholds
  • Built-in motion sensor detects rapid acceleration or rapid starts
  • Allows you to coach your teen and reduce unsafe behavior
  • Customize alerts to fit your needs

Click here to view a video for the MOTOsafety teen tracking Alerts.

Real-time GPS Teen Tracking

  • Tracks your teen driver’s location in real time
  • Set up authorized hours of use and be alerted when the car is used after hours
  • Allows you to play back a history of past activity and locations
  • Shows where your teen stops and for how long
  • Displays your teen’s location on a familiar Google Maps interface on both the web and mobile apps

Click here to view a video on MOTOsafety's GPS teen tracking system and location history.

Interactive Map Boundaries

  • Geofences (virtual boundaries on the map) let you highlight important locations on the map (school, work or friends)
  • Boundaries can be any shape or size
  • Receive alerts when your teen enters or exits these locations

Click here to view a video on MOTOsafety's Geofence interactive map boundaries

Alerts for Key Driving Activities

  • Receive alerts for unsafe driving behaviors, such as:
    • Speeding
    • Harsh Braking
    • Rapid Acceleration
    • Device Tampering
    • Enter/Exiting Geofences
    • No GPS Signal
    • High Speed
    • First Speeding Offense
    • Excessive idling reduces fuel efficiency
    • Curfew/Unauthorized hour usage
  • Customize alerts notifications to be sent immediately, hourly or daily through the mobile app, e-mail or text.
  • Set up the times of the day when your teen can drive, and receive alerts when the car is used outside those hours
  • Create custom alert schedules and select alert types to be sent on individual drivers
  • Receive alert summaries either immediately, hourly or daily
  • Receive mobile app notifications

Click here to view a video for the MOTOsafety teen tracking Alerts

Maintenance Reminders

  • Make vehicle maintenance easier for your teen or parent with scheduled maintenance reminders. Based on your vehicle’s mileage, MOTOsafety will recommend services that include:
    • Oil changes
    • Tire rotation
    • Air filter changes
    • License renewals
    • Preventative maintenance routines
    • And more; customize your own reminders
  • Get Maintenance Reminders by text, email or push notification on MOTOsafety mobile app.
  • Review the maintenance history and activity for your teen’s vehicle and keep a record of all completed service.

Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

  • Monitor your teen even when you’re not in front of your computer
  • Get instant locations and review driving history
  • Drill down to the street level for greater detail
  • Receive alert summaries either immediately, hourly or daily
  • Receive mobile app notifications
iOS Driver Safety AppAndroid App Driver Safety

Please Note: You will need an active MOTOsafety device and account to use the application.

Monitor and Coach Your Teen Driver in Real Time

Always know where your teen is, when they arrive and easily review their driving history. MOTOSafety is easy to install and easy to use.

MOTO safety devices

All Devices$99


  • No contracts or activation fees, just
  • Wired device allows for totally discrete installation
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