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  • By Jana Rhodes
  • Posted March 3, 2016

Become a MOTOsafety Expert by Attending Our Webinar

If you have recently purchased a MOTOsafety device, you might be wondering if you are using the device to its full potential. MOTOsafety was designed as a comprehensive coaching program that will also give you practical tools for setting boundaries and curfews. The best way to make sure you are familiar with all of its features is to attend a MOTOsafety Webinar.

Our webinar won’t take up a lot of your time, but it will help you make the most of your MOTOsafety purchase. It is a quick 15-30 minute orientation to the benefits and features of the product. We will give you screen by screen directions for the most popular features used by parents, and then we will take questions and allow parents to share tips with each other.

Here are some of the directions we cover:

How to log in

No one likes to get stuck trying to access new software. We start your training right from the first screen you encounter so that you can have all of the information necessary to use your MOTOsafety software.

How to view your teen’s driving history

We show you how to monitor your teen’s driving record on the screen or download it to excel for closer review. We also review the driver safety report card so you understand how to read each section.

How to set curfews and geofences

Clearly established boundaries equip you to allow your child more freedom. We walk you through the process of setting up a geofence to establish a safe driving area as well as authorized driving hours to help your teen comply with curfews.

How to add new devices or change account information

We show you how to customize your MOTOsafety account without any guesswork. You can easily add a device from another car or make changes to your existing account information.

These are just some of the details we cover on our webinar. Parents have found our detailed directions to be helpful, and they love having time to ask live questions and learn tips from each other. Sign up for a webinar today to get the most from your MOTOsafety system. Click the Help icon in your customer portal to find the signup link.

MOTOsafety - easy to use teen driving coach

  • Installs in seconds
  • Rates driver performance
  • Monitors safe driving behaviors
  • Shows location in real time
  • Generates alerts for speeding and more
  • Signals unauthorized usage
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