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MOTOsafety Safe Driving Blog

Making sure aging drivers are safe on the road

If you are caring for a senior adult who is driving, you might be apprehensive about their safety. You want to let them live as an […]

Teaching your teen to be polite on the road

Driver training usually begins with learning the law. The test for the learner’s permit is all about laws, and this is the focus of most parents […]

Preventing Road Rage in Teens

Emotions can run high on the road and cause drivers to make poor and dangerous decisions. Recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) […]

Distracted Driving Quiz

We have all been there – cell phone buzzing with an incoming message or call, or you’re running late for work and bring your coffee or […]

Preparing for Emergencies: What To Do If Stranded

Every driver dreads finding themselves on the side of the road with a car that has broken down.  For teen drivers who are still learning the […]

Basic Car Maintenance Tips for Teens

If your teen or college student is driving a car equipped with MOTOsafety, they have an advantage when it comes to keeping their car in great […]

What To Do In An Accident

When you send your teen out on their own, you should send them well-trained to avoid accidents. However, you should also send them well-prepared to handle […]